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This page is a translated version of the page Profil and the translation is 100% complete.
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Screenshot from settings

In the settings you can set all kinds of things. For example your age, gender or messenger info. You can also tinker with the look of your account, using text and images to describe your character and give other players an idea of what your character looks like. In the following we will go into the individual subitems here!

Change profile settings:

e-mail address and status

There you can see the current address that is given in your account. Furthermore there is a hint if the eMail activated is activated. This is important in case you forget your password. This function is only available if you have not connected your account to the MoonID portal.

Your data

Here you can enter your personal data, such as gender, age and place of residence. These details are voluntary and must be entered not.

The following options are not available if you have connected to the MoonID portal:

  • eMail address
  • eMail status
  • Hometown

Time zone settings:

Here you can select a time zone. If your local time differs from the KnightFight Time, a tooltip with your local time will be available for all times shown in the game.

  • Your time zone: Here you should set e.g. GMT +1 Middle Europe, West Africa
  • Summer-/Wintertime Here you can select whether the summer or winter time should be automatic.

as well as contact details

Change contact details

This function is only available if you have not connected your account to the MoonID portal.

In the contact details you can enter your Messernger IDs for ICQ, and Skype. This information is also voluntary and therefore does not have to be entered. You should also consider if you want your address to be public for everyone.

RPG description of your character

Here you can then write a description of your character. You can use text as well as pictures. The possible commands are shown above the box. When you click on them, the codes will be inserted automatically and you only need to place the text or link between the commands. Please note that this section is only for describing your character. This field should not be used to threaten, insult or abuse your Facebook status. Violations of this kind will be warned first and if they are repeated the account will be deleted.

Translated with (free version)

Upload images

To get graphics into your profile you have to upload your picture files to the internet first. There are many free sites where you can do this without registration. Examples are, and similar sites. Make sure that you do not violate the rules of the game with your picture!

This overview program can also serve as an aid:

Uploader Overview (will be roughed up)

Currently recommended is :

If you have the appropriate uploader, you can upload your graphics there. You will get several links, but use the direct link. In the description you get the picture like this:

 [img]Direct link[/img]  

After the last security update, only images with the following extensions can be displayed:

  • .jpg
  • .jpeg
  • .gif
  • .png

Image links that have an html ending or contain special characters such as $, ?, % are no longer functional.

Link behind a picture

For this you need the following code:

 [url=Link][img]URL of the image[/img][/url]

Link behind a text

You have to use almost the same code as for the link behind the picture:


Counter for profile

A counter is a counter for visitors on the profile page. This counter is offered free of charge by various providers and you can add it to your profile. To do so, you have to follow the instructions of the respective provider and at the end of the counter link with [img]Counterlink[/img] in the profile.

However, not all counter providers work with KF because most use special characters or html extensions.

Counters that work



  • Pornographic
  • Racist


  • Constitutional law

Images and texts. In addition, care should be taken to ensure that the images do not exceed a maximum width of 810 pixels, or are only just above it. Furthermore, personal links must not violate §19 of the game rules.

This text is displayed when someone clicks on your link

Here you can write a short text which will be displayed to those who are being advertised by you. The same commands work here as in the RPG description. Of course the same rules apply.

Squire search / advertising link active

  • Here you turn the advertising link off and on.

Change password

This function is only available if you have not connected your account to the MoonID portal.

In this area you can change your password. For security reasons you always have to enter the old password additionally. Pay attention to who you give your password to! Also interesting would be these Security hints.

Display options

  • Optimized view for mobile devices ( If you play via your smartphone )
  • Show security question when paying with premium currency ( Before money is taken from you or coins or jewels an extra question appears again.)
  • Deactivate battle splash screen during attacks (Only available for Premium accounts)

change name

As a premium player you have the possibility to change your name as well as your avatar.

Change sex of character

Here you can change from male to female, or from female to male, but this will cost you 50 jewels / MoonCoins

Error messages

If the name contains special characters or is already assigned, you will get an error message. Then look for another name.

Shop item inventory

Here you can adjust how many items you get displayed on one side of the merchant.

Change language

Here you can change the language of the user interface. Your KnightFight will then be in the language you have selected.

Delete account

Check this box if you want to delete your account. To make this work better, you should log out afterwards and wait. By logging in again and again the hook could fly. Also make sure that you have left the guild before, otherwise you will get this message in your profile.

Hint for deletion if you are still in the guild

This will delete your game account, but not the MoonID account. See Delete Account

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