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This page is a translated version of the page §19 (Spielregel) and the translation is 100% complete.
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Game rule

§19 Personal links must be clearly recognisable as such and the victim must have the choice whether he/she wants to click on the link. The use of short URLs, popups or websites that automatically activate multiple links is prohibited and may lead to account deletion! Personal links must be placed in such a way that the actual link is visible as soon as the mouse is moved over the link


Many players make fun of putting any pictures with links in their profile or simply put links in the profile that have some more or less funny effects on the opponent when he clicks on them.


  • Tinyurls/nic.de.vu links and similar links that obscure the actual target
  • Goods sales links/links that do something in the account: If you click on it, an action associated with the link is performed (selling weapons, logout,...)
  • Links to pages with illegal content
  • Links to porn sites
  • Pages that automatically have pop-ups that require more and more clicks and not only strain the nerves, but also torment the Enter key quite a bit...

What to do if you find such links?

You report them via the Ticket-System. The person responsible will then remove the link.

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