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Knightfight SUPPORT

The support for Knightfight or for Monstersgame and other Redmoon Games runs currently only over MoonID

Please create a ticket for problems of ANY kind in the Moon-Forum via the Ticketsystem


MoonID Portal overview

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If you have problems with the game or complaints/suspicions about other players, you can report this to a ticket. The ticket will then be assigned to the responsible admin and processed.

Important: You make our work easier by attaching all facts and, if necessary, screenshots. If there is still a need for clarification, you can also comment an already created ticket. This way a topic stays together and you don't need to create several tickets for one and the same problem.

See also Email to administrator


  • Patti ( ) or ( )

Responsible for:

  • Reports of suspected fraud
  • Complaints about offensive messages/images, messages, etc. concerning the forum or game
  • Reports concerning players violating the rules of the game
  • Support questions

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