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This page is a translated version of the page Spielregeln and the translation is 100% complete.
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No game can exist without rules. So Knight Fight also has some rules you have to follow. On this page they are all listed:

§1 There is no legal claim to a game account.

§2 The instructions of the game operator and the administration must be followed.

§3 The spamming and flooding of the personal link in public discussion forums, chats, guest books, etc. is prohibited and can lead to the deletion of the account.

§4 Farming is forbidden and will result in the deletion of all involved accounts (Farming is attacking your own multi-accounts or accounts prepared by other players for your attack, as well as the deliberate distribution of large sums of gold to other players). Here we will not be discussed with us! We reserve the right to remove accounts from the game without warning, which obviously were only created to distribute gold to other players!

§5 Any bugs that occur must be reported to the game operator immediately; the deliberate, beneficial exploitation of a bug will result in the deletion of the account.

§6 The use of scripts and bots or similar of this kind is forbidden and leads to the deletion of the account. Scripts/bots are programs that perform actions of any kind automatically or manually by the user in a game account or read data from game pages. This also includes the use of link exchanges and all internet services that enable automatic link clicks!

§7 Players who insult other players and/or members of the KnightFight team will also be deleted.

§8 Parts from the game (account, etc.) on known auction sites to auction or otherwise sell for cash is prohibited and leads to the deletion of the account. Selling for gem tickets is allowed but is at the risk of the player!

§9 If a player logs into a third party account without the owner's consent, this will result in the deletion of his own account. Guild theft/guild dissolution through mergers is also punished with account deletion.

§10 players who give themselves insulting, pornographic, illegal, political and/or right-wing extremist names/guild names/abbreviations(TAG) will also be deleted.

§11 players who write insulting, pornographic, illegal, political and/or right-wing extremist messages and/or profile/guild descriptions are also deleted.

§12 Harassment of other players via PM is prohibited and leads to a warning and, if repeated, to the deletion of the account. Repeated attacks on the same player are NOT to be understood as harassment.

§13 We expressly point out that every player publishes his link in his own responsibility. We do not take any responsibility, if his behaviour in public forums, chats or guestbooks causes consequences, if he violates the rules there.

§14 Each player may only have one account per game world. Multi/farm/double accounts are prohibited and will result in the deletion of all accounts involved.

§15 Guild theft/guild dissolutions/mergers by illegal logging into another account lead to the deletion of the own account.

§16 The spreading and offering of any tools/scripts/bots is prohibited and leads to the deletion of the account.

§17 Guild and character descriptions may not contain names or information that identifies the player without the consent of the player concerned.

§18 All content in the guild or character description must not distort the frames and sides of the game in width (maximum width = 830 pixels). For this purpose the use of meaningless texts, pictures or blanks is prohibited, if these contents are only used to widen or stretch the description.

§19 Personal links must be clearly recognisable as such and the victim must have the choice of whether he/she wants to click on the link. The use of short URLs, pop-ups or websites that automatically activate multiple links is prohibited and may lead to Account deletion! Personal links must be placed in such a way that the actual link is visible as soon as you move the mouse over the link.

Source: Instructions -> Rules