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What is Knight Fight?

Knight Fight is a browser game created by RedMoon Studios in 2006, which is about the battle between good and evil.


In the Middle Ages the knights were loyal followers of the king, who went into battle for glory, honour and justice. Through their honour they became Knights of Light. But for many, honour alone was not enough and they began to forget their oath and filled their treasure chambers with the income from their robber baronship. These knights were called the Dark Hordes. Now you also take your oath of knighthood and decide by your own actions which side you are attached to! Fight for fame, honour, justice and prestige or earn your living by raiding and fulfilling immoral missions. The future lies in your hand!

Game principle

After your login you are on the status page of your knight. Here you will find all important information about your character as well as your link, with which you can also raise other squires to knighthood in the vastness of the internet. You can send this link to friends, integrate it into your homepage or use it as a signature in discussion forums. If a future knight clicks on your link, you will receive a small amount of gold (1-3) as a reward! If the visitor also registers now, you have made him a knight. If the new knight also distributes his link, you will receive another 25% of the gold he receives! As soon as the knight you have knighted reaches level 3, you will receive 250 gold and one experience point! When the knight reaches level 10, you will receive another 100 gems and one experience point! With gold you can train your skills and buy better weapons, armor, shields, amulets and rings.

You can challenge other knights directly to a duel and compete with them. Your character skills and your equipment play a decisive role here. You can find out more under "Status".


- Buy hundreds of weapons, armor, shields, rings and amulets to improve your fighting skills.

- Buy soul stones and enchant your weapons to inflict magic damage on your enemies.

- Expand your estate to showcase your power and influence.

- Found a guild and build the most powerful castle in the land.

- Create your own and individual crest.

- Create your own and individual character image.

- Increase your skills to be able to use better one-handed and two-handed weapons as well as armor and shields.

- Train your property values to stay one step ahead of your enemies.

- Give your weapons fantastic names to stand out from the crowd.

- Take on a wide variety of jobs in the tavern and decide for yourself whether you are good or bad. - Sell your no longer needed equipment in the bazaar or buy rare items there that you cannot find at the merchant.


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