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A screensaver is a computer program that is automatically started after a settable period of inactivity of all input devices and varies the display on the screen. The spectrum ranges from a black screen and simple colour changes to elaborate 3D screensavers, some of which are highly entertaining, but at the expense of computing time.

It is normally terminated as soon as data is received from the input devices (e.g. by moving the mouse or pressing a key on the keyboard).


The original purpose of a screen saver was to prevent a constant image from being burnt into the tube screens of the 1980s and early 1990s during long breaks from work. With more modern CRT monitors and flat screens there is no longer a risk of burn-in, so screensavers are now only used for entertainment or for reasons of data protection. The screen saver prevents curious people from seeing what a user has on the screen while they are away. The optional prompt for entering a password to reactivate the desktop when the screensaver is closed can also prevent unauthorised access.

The first, worldwide commercially successful screensaver was 1989 After Dark, whose module Flying Toasters still enjoys special cult status today.

What does this have to do with KF?

Nothing really, but Patti has created a few screensavers and wants them with all parts. Patti also wants to collect suggestions to create more screensavers.

The Screensavers

Fantasy Babes

in Screensaver with some fantasy figures which are also used in the Wallpaper. packages, and now these are available as screensavers. Click here to download (Follows after a new edition)

Santa Babes

Here are some Sexy Santa Babes pictures as Sexy Screensaver. Click here to download

'Christmas Screensaver

A small screensaver that brings Christmas spirit. Click here to download


A screensaver that brings Christmas spirit and includes beautiful pictures. Click here to download

Are there more?

You can find an overview of all his downloadable stuff here: make by Patti

If you want to submit ideas, suggestions, errors or pictures for a screensaver, you can do so in the following forum :