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This page is a translated version of the page Mission and the translation is 100% complete.
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Each player has a total of at least 60 minutes of mission time per day which they can use to obtain blood and Gold. Premium players even have 120 minutes of mission time. After the time has elapsed, you can get into the following areas and skim (or not).

If you go on a mission, you have the choice of going on the following missions depending on your desired attitude (good or evil):

  • Protector of the poor and weak
  • Robber baron on a raid

Shortened description

Since the update of 05.2021 there is an abbreviated description of the missions, i.e. before the first mission it looks like this:

Once a day

After that it looks like this:

After that it looks like this

Places and more


Wedding of the Princess

There are no direct locations, rather different missions that you complete.

  • Good disposition: E.g. Protect the princess or a caravan.
  • Evil disposition: E.g. small foray through the jeweller's district or looting and pillaging the area.
Wedding of the Princess

The following results are possible:

Gold Experience Attitude
0 0 0
1 - 100 ? 1 +/-1
101 - 199 ? 2 +/-1
200 - 299 ? 3 +/-2
300 - 999 ? 5 +/-3

(If you have other experience values here, we would be grateful for a correction. The values are only estimates)


  • 1. Safe Fight (smaller opponents can be found in the highscore list)
  • 2. 3 x 10 min. Mission
  • 3. backup fight
  • 4. 3 x 10 min. Mission
  • 5. backup fight


  • 1. backup fight (you can find smaller opponents in the highscore list or by searching for a smaller or equal LV)
  • 2. 4 x 10 min. Mission
  • 3. backup fight
  • 4. 4 x 10 min. Mission
  • 5. backup fight
  • 6. 4 x 10 min. Mission
  • 7. backup fight

Speed up mission

With a Magic Acceleration of 10 ES/MoonCoins you can speed up your mission.

Magic acceleration

Randomness of the mission

Players often ask why they only have bad missions lately and whether it has something to do with these or those factors. For more information, please click on the same link as for Monstersgame Is the manhunt really random? or in the webarchive Here.

Error message during mission

- None known at present.