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This page is a translated version of the page Kämpfen and the translation is 100% complete.
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In KnightFight, of course, you can attack like a knight, which is the main purpose of the game, because the focus is on the fight between good and evil.


To fight you only have to click on Mission in the game, then you can almost fight.


Choose between: Search for other knights by name (costs one gold piece)(Search opponents by name, as far as you know the name of the opponent.)

  • Search by level

You can set the search filter as follows:

Premium User

  • greater or equal
  • less or equal
  • Exactly
  • Search from [Level] to [Level]

EXP deduction

In KnightFight there is also a penalty if you attack levels that are too low, from 6 levels below your level 1 EXP is deducted. This is staggered the further you attack lower levels.

so normally the penalty points are

attacker_level - defender_level - 5

From level 50 this is increased again and the following formula applies:

 attacker_level - defender_level - min(ceil((attacker_level - 50) / 10) + 5, 10)


  • Standard
  • Search for opponents of yout level or Stronger

Number of attacks

There is no limit to how often someone can attack you during the game, but there is a daily limit, you can only be attacked by the same opponent every 12 hours. If you have attacked him, he can attack you once after one hour (after the hour protection) and then again after 12 hours as described above.

game rules

§12 Harassment of other players via PM is prohibited and leads to a warning and, if repeated, to the deletion of the account.

Repeated attacks on the same player are NOT considered harassment.

Multiple Attack at the same time on an opponent again violates §5

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