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Guild castle at level (1)

In KnightFight several knights can join together to form their own guild.


Via the menu item Guild you can either search for guilds to join or (if your character has already reached level 5) you can create your own guild. As soon as you have joined a guild or founded your own guild, you will be given various options under the menu item Guild.

The Guild Menu

As guild administrator you can add new members, assign rights and dismiss members. You can also expand the guild castle or even dissolve the guild. Therefore you should be careful when assigning rights to other members.

The Clan Menu

The Guilds Castle

The bigger the guild castle is, the more members you can take into the guild. In order for the guild castle to be able to expand, gold is required, which members of the guild can donate. The current largest guild castle is at level 24 and can accommodate up to 135 members.

Reasons for a guild

Why would anyone join a guild? There are many reasons:

  • You can meet new people
  • If you are attacked by stronger forces, you can ask for help
  • You can share with them your Gold donkey and maybe find new ones
  • You can wage wars against other guilds
  • You can have tournaments to determine the best of the guild
  • You can get advice if you're stuck with something

Guild tag/name error

If you get an error in naming your guild, there are two possible reasons: Either the guild name or guild tag is already taken or it contains special characters or umlauts. Due to given reasons, you are now ONLY allowed to use numbers and upper and lower case letters for the guild tag. Umlauts in guild names are no longer possible. If, then you have to write them as follows:

  • Ä = ae
  • Ö = oe
  • Ü = ue
  • ß = ss

Admission of guild members

To add new players to the guild, your guild castle must be expanded, among other things. The more it is expanded, the more members you can add to the guild. For example, if you have 19 out of 20 members in your guild, you will have to expand your guild to accept a 20th member, because one of the places is already reserved by the system for pure applications!

Online display

Normal guild members only see the guild administrators online. Full admins, i.e. with admin level 4 all members see online as soon as they do something in the game.

Guild rights

To assign admin rights or guild rights, you have to click on "Guild" > "Admin rights". Prerequisite is that you have guild rights.

Guilds Right Enumeration

  • Newsletter - The newsletter brings the option that the guild member can send guild newsletters to all guild members.
  • Guild Description - The option Guild Description allows the guild member to change and customize the description of the guild.
  • Set & Kick - This option allows your guild member to kick other members from the guild and accept new applicants.
  • Guild Wars - The Guild Wars option allows your guild member to start or stop a guild war.
  • Disband guild - This option should be self-explanatory, so your guild member can dissolve or delete the entire guild.
  • Fulladmin - With this option you have all the rights mentioned above and are as high as the guild founder.

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Apply for guild

You can advertise / introduce your guild at Moonid, and you can also start a search there if you are looking for a guild. Moonid Guild Area

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