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This article deals with the topic of the KnightFight chat or the official (Redmoonstudios). This is currently running on a Discord server, because many players already used Discord, but the chat via Jabber is no longer available.


You need an account at Discord there simply register on Register and fill out everything:

Maske für die Account creation

Now you also have the choice to open Discord via your Browser ? Or rather install a Client ?

choose how you want to use Discord

Possibilities for client installations are :

  • Discord for Windows
  • Discord for Mac
  • Discord for Andriod
  • Discord for IOS
  • Discord for Linux

It is also best if you confirm your email address, as this will give you more advantages at Discord.

Now log in to your Discord Client and click on the link for the Discord Server

Now select Add or Confirm Server and you are already on the Discord Server.

Advantages of Discord

The advantages of Discord are quickly explained:

  • Voice chat
  • Multiple language channels
  • Text Chat
  • multiple text chat channels
  • Right management
  • Own Discord Server
  • Multiple Discord Servers in one client / browser with only one login
  • Miscellaneous servers Change nick display
  • Groups
  • Support is possible
  • fast information / exchange

Discord is free ! so what to wait for ? ;)

What is Discord?

Discord (also called Discordapp) is a free instant messaging, chat, voice and video conferencing program designed for computers and mobile devices "to bring gamers together". The service can be used as a web application in a browser or with proprietary client software on all major operating systems. Discord claims to have more than 250 million registered users.

Source: Discord (Software)

Short FAQ

Change nick names / spray names?

Just enter the following in the chat: /nick NAME (name = your desired name on the discord server)

More information can be found here.