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This page is a translated version of the page Bekannte Bugs and the translation is 100% complete.
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Here you will find a small overview of all known bugs and problems that have occurred in KnightFight. Enclosed is also a list of things that are not supported by KF!

We cannot provide support for the following products as they are not available in the final version and therefore should not be used for productive use:

Any kind of betas, alphas / RCs or other that do not have final status yet

Firefox nightly versions of any kind

Google Chrome Beta

These products are only intended for testing purposes by developers and can not only cause considerable damage to the system but also losses in and on the account! Whoever nevertheless uses the products and experiences losses or defects as a result, has no claim to reimbursements of any kind!

Known bugs/problems

First the known bugs and problems.

Sound Notification

  • Despite the selection of "Sound notification when countdown has expired" no sound comes in Firefox / Safari

This is not so much a bug as a future of browsers that don't play any videos or sounds.

  • Solution for Firefox Here
  • Solution for Safari Here

Guilds last Login

  • Guilds "last activity / login or "Online is not displayed.

No bug but see here from aszlig : explanation

Highscore display as X and not visible to others

Some players have the problem that they only see an "X" in their own highscore ranking, and other players tell you that they can't be found via the highscore.

No bug! You have a ranking that is far above the highscore limit, but with active games this will change.

Battlefield / Battle Server mobile view

  • Currently it is not possible to access the battlefield with the Mobile Template, because it is not yet supported by the Mobile Template.

Current solution is only to disable the Mobile Support for the Battleground : Profile > Optimized view for mobile devices (deactivate)