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This page is a translated version of the page Basar and the translation is 100% complete.
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Screenshot from the bazaar

Welcome to the bazaar

The bazaar is another possibility to buy or sell goods. The goods can be both cheaper and more expensive than at the merchant. There are also items that can only be purchased at the bazaar: Lightning Soul Stones and various weapons. The goods of the bazaar change every 24 hours.

Buy items

Here the salesman on the bazaar makes special offers to you to some goods, it can also be goods which one can never buy simply with the dealer. The goods on the bazaar change every 24 hours or when all items have been bought.

  • The items you can buy here are random and other users do not have to have the same items as you in the bazaar.

Sell items

At the stand there are different prices for the goods you have with you. These can be higher than at the trader's, or even lower.

When you request a quote for an item, it is valid for 6 hours. You can either sell the item immediately, or keep it and try again after 6 hours. During this time, no other item can be sold in the bazaar. If you sell the offered item at the dealer, the bazaar is free for the next item for sale.

Risk a game of chance

A little gambling never hurts, does it?

Here you can place a bet between 10 and 100 gold and choose one of 3 hats, if you are lucky you will get twice the amount you bet. If you lose, you will unfortunately get nothing.

Fancy a game?