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This page is a translated version of the page Übersicht gebräuchlicher Abkürzungen and the translation is 100% complete.
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Here you can find some of the common abbreviations around KnightFight, which you can stumble upon in the forum and also in the game from time to time.

All around KnightFight

Abbreviation Meaning/Written out
Jw Jewels
EP(s) Experience point
TA ? Tavern
High Highlevel, a high level player
HS Highscore
ID User-ID, Distinguishing feature of the account
HP Health points
Low/Lowlevel Colloquial expression of high-level players (Highlevel) for low-level players
KF KnightFight
Mc MoonCoins or MoonID Coins
F (in Highscore) Fights (fights)
PT/Prem Premium-Ticket/Premium-User
PW/pw Passwort
RMS RedMoon Studios
S (im Highscore) Victories
N (im Highscore) defeats
U (im Highscore) Undecided
BS Battle Server = Battlefield
Cp Combat potential
S1, S2, ... Server 1, Server 2
SK/Save(-fight) safety fight
Skill Property (e.g. strength or defence)
TP Hit points


Abbreviation Meaning/Written out
AV Antivirus program
FW Firewall
FP bzw. fp false positive
FX/FF Firefox, the number behind it indicates the version of the browser
IE Internet Explorer, the number behind it indicates the version of the browser