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Here you find an overview of all KnightFight servers.

KnightFight DE Server

Internationale Server

There are also International Servers that are available to everyone in the English language:

Foreign Servers

Besides the German servers, there are also non-German speaking servers. Some of the countries already have several servers, like Italy or Spain.

Questions about the servers

Here you can find frequently asked questions about the servers.

New server

  • No one can answer the question when a new server is started. Not even the forum team. There are several factors depending on whether a new server starts or not.
  • The number of players has nothing to do with whether a server starts or not. (See also here)

= Change of server

You cannot switch between servers with your account or have them imported to other servers, because the servers are independent worlds in their own right and not connected to each other. Some kind of switching is therefore not possible.

Premium transfer between servers

This is also not possible. You must make a premium exchange by giving a player the code for server X and then getting a code for server Y from that player. KnightFight or Redmoon Studios is not liable for such an exchange!

Pass on MoonCoins

What would be possible, is that you MoonCoins buys these but then under Payment "as a voucher" before the purchase marked. You will then receive a code by e-mail, you can then pass this code on.