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This page is a translated version of the page Schmiede and the translation is 100% complete.
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If you click on the button next to your weapon on the overview page, you will get to the blacksmith.

There you can give your weapon an individual, fantastic name (Premium Users only). Furthermore, depending on the weapon, you can name up to 3 Soulstones into your weapon and thus enchant your weapon. Depending on the soul stone, your weapon will then cause additional magic damage to your opponent. Only amulets, which you can also purchase from the dealer, can protect you from magical damage. You can also sharpen your weapon there.

The Blacksmith

Click next to your weapon "the Blacksmith".

the way to the blacksmith

Soulstones use

1.Go to your weapon on "The Blacksmith" 2. scroll down to the inventory and click on "Insert" next to your desired soul stone 3. an inquiry window appears "Insert new soul stone" now click on "Insert" to complete the insertion or on "to forge" to cancel it.

the insertion of a soul stone

Soulstones replace

It is also possible to replace soul stones since the update of 2019.

Click next to your weapon on "The Blacksmith" and there on Insert.
Now you have to select the old soulstones you want to replace (the existing soulstones will be destroyed)


weapon sharpening

In the blacksmith you can also have your weapon improved three times; each time the maximum damage of your weapon increases.

Sharpening number Costs
1 50
2 150
3 300

Weapons Name

For premium players only