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Here you can find information about the battleground, also called Battleground or Battleserver (BS).

Participation in the battlefield is only possible from level 10!

It is important to mention that under the mobile version of KnightFight, currently the battlefield is not accessible! Please switch to the normal view here!


On the battlefield you can also take part in international battles. While you compete against warriors from other worlds on the Battleserver, you can still do anything in your own world. Even if you are a member of a guild, they do not have to do without you.

Take part in epic battles and gain gold and experience. Note that you cannot make changes to your character on the battlefield. As a Battle Warrior, you will have full life energy available for each battle and your level will remain at its current level. You can perform up to 100 attacks within 24 hours.

The battle ends when the maximum battle time or the maximum number of battles is reached.

general rules

  • As on the home server, you can attack each player or NPC a maximum of 1 time every 12 hours.
  • You can be attacked by different players or NPCs every 5 minutes
  • The battlefield has no bearing on the sentiments
  • Decisive for won battle points is the Combat potential. Battle points are only awarded for a victory against an opponent with at least the same fighting potential. Battle points are converted into experience points on the home server at the end of the battlefield. (See also below Battle Points vs. Experience Points)

Difference = CP opponent - CP player

BP = obtained battle points

Level Difference BP
ab 10 0 1
ab 10 0,5 - 1 2
ab 10 >1,5 3
ab 100 >2,5 4
ab 200 >3,5 5
ab 300 >4,5 6
  • The gold won depends on the fighting potential of the opponent and not on his account balance. If you attack an opponent who is significantly weaker than your CP, you will receive 0-16 gold, for example, with a stronger 45-60 gold. (The higher the fighting potential of the opponent, the more gold you can win per fight). At the end the gold is converted 1:1 into gold on the home server.
  • The character remains exactly as he entered the battlefield Skill points, experience and even changes to the avatar on the home server are not taken over.

Additional prizes through raffle

From the instructions: "Royal Prize Draw At the end of each battle, each player will receive one ticket for each 100 attacks he/she has carried out to participate in the royal prize draw. Possible prizes are gold, gems and premium running time for the home world."

The following prizes are possible:

  • X (10?) days premium time on the home server
  • Doubling of the won Battle Server Gold
  • X gems for the home server

Make your choice

You can choose between 3 options:

Option 1

  • Maximum of 100 offensive battles
  • Maximum of 3 days
  • 10 minutes cool-down period between attacks

Eligibility requirements:

  • The last battle session must have ended at least 2 days ago.
  • Your character must be at least level 10

Battle session fee: - none -

Option 2

  • Maximum of 200 offensive battles
  • Maximum of 4 days
  • 5 minutes cool-down period between attacks

Eligibility requirements:

  • The last battle session must have ended at least 1 day ago.
  • Your character must be at least level 10

Battle session fee: 150 Jewels/Mooncoins

Option 3

  • `Maximum of 400 offensive battles
  • Maximum of 7 days
  • 5 minutes cool-down period between attacks

Eligibility requirements:

  • Your character must be at least level 10

Battle session fee: 250 Jewels/Mooncoins

Borrowing equipment

To borrow equipment for the battlefield, a certain condition must be met: The equipment must not be at the level of the character.

  • Option 1: You haven't treated yourself to a new weapon for a long time because you are waiting for a special piece of jewellery. Then your weapon is too weak and you have already distributed your skill points.
  • Possibility 2: You drop all or part of your equipment. No equipment at all does not correspond to your level ;)

The cost in gold will be deducted from your account as soon as you enter the battlefield, so you should have enough gold on your home server. Most of the gold costs to borrow the weapon. So if you have a very good weapon, you can save a lot of gold here. Important: If you want to rent equipment, you will first be given a suggestion which you must confirm. So it doesn't start immediately, but you have the possibility to try out and choose something.

You can basically get EVERYTHING when you rent. So it is possible that your character has an evil mind, but gets a premium weapon (costs gems to buy), which is equipped with soul stones saint damage.


  • Think carefully before with which Combat potential you enter the battlefield. If you are just at the border of the next higher CP (e.g. 1.3 or 1.8), it may make sense to push it a bit by putting on worse equipment. Just experiment a bit with equipment from your pool (e.g. invest the excess gold that doesn't go into skills in jewellery, sell equipment bought with gems/MoonCoins only after the BS no longer accepts it as not matching your level), or see what you can borrow. Attention: Especially with increasing CP, it is possible that too much equipment trading is rather disadvantageous, because the balance of your character gets lost. It is also possible that you lose too much endurance. Fighting fewer rounds also means a smaller chance of getting good hits.
  • The undead enemies are sometimes very unusually skilled or have no equipment. With a little patience they can be found and easily beaten. Just search several times - costs no gold, only time (e.g. very little parry or strength)
  • Important: Not always all kinds of badly skilled zombies are represented. The creation of the NPCs runs automatically. When their time is up, new enemies come. That means: you always have to look for new types of easy to beat enemies. Be creative! Sometimes they killed both one-handed and two-handed weapons. Sometimes they have extremely neglected a certain skill (dexterity as a two-handed is the exception).

Sometimes they are skilled as one-handed, but have only one shield and wear no armor (in this case not necessarily influenced by the picture. Sometimes there is armour in the picture, but there is no armour in the battle report under the item Equipment).

  • The undead you are attacked by and who lose 95% (this number is felt and not a safe, fixed value), attack back. They correspond to your Combat potential and are weaker than you, so they are perfect opponents for Gold and Battle Points.
  • The next day the zombies you won against just attack again To do so, open the attack reports at the Battle Courier and call up the profiles again. At best each in a new tab and then simply fight through the game ;)

The following tips are only for the very small levels. They are examples of how to find easily defeatable enemies. They are really just examples. They are not always the same in the composition. You just happened to be there when the tips were created.

  • own Combat potential 1 - 1,5: Undead with very strange skills (each point on its own, they are all different kinds):
  1. Kampfpotential 1,5
  2. Martial arts or parade under 20
  3. For two-handed players: one-handed opponents with low skill points (between 30 and 40)
  4. extremely high level, but incredibly low skills (sometimes even below 10)
  • own Combat potential 2 - 2.5: attack badly silled undead. This is how you find them (all criteria must be fulfilled):
  1. Combat potential 2.5
  2. Stamina under 40
  3. Fighting ability under 50
  1. Combat potential 5 or 6
  2. Weak opponents in the range of 20 - ca 70 (What you can do maximum depends on your skills and equipment! Just test it and find your own limit)
  3. A glimpse of martial arts is an advantage # If the KK is only just over 100, you may be able to create an opponent with parry 80.
  • Mein Level passt nicht zum "üblichen" Kampfpotential: Manchmal sind die Zombies auf einem bestimmten KP im Level deutlich höher, als der Spieler, also entsteht folgendes Problem: Der Spieler macht zwar mehr als genug Schaden, aber durch den Level Unterschied hat er viel weniger Leben und verliert, weil er unter 10 Lebenspunkte fällt. Um dem etwas entgegen zu wirken, kann man versuchen die Anzahl der Kampfrunden zu minimieren. Je weniger Runden gekämpft werden, desto weniger Schaden erhält man in Summe. Mit etwas Glück reicht das, um den Kampf dann zu gewinnen. Die Anzahl der Kampfrunden richtet sich nach der Ausdauer. Um das gewünschte Ergebnis zu erreichen gibt es also 2 Möglichkeiten:
  1. Die eigene Ausdauer nicht zu hoch Skillen
  2. Zombies mit wenig Ausdauer angreifen

Battle points vs. experience points

Battle points are not converted 1:1 into experience points. The following formula applies:

(Battle points received) - (Number of battles lost) - (0 to 20%) + (0 to 5%)

How much is deducted or added again is random.

! This article is still in progress !