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Welcome to the wiki page by and for KnightFight, this page is designed to help players get involved in the game and also on the MoonID portal to find your way around. It should also contain some tips and tricks =)
We hope for many helping users, who feed these pages here with information :)
At the moment the site is still under construction, so please understand that the information is partly incomplete or one or the other error has crept in. We are really very dependent on your help here!

To get an account here in the KFwiki you just have to write to the MoonID Forum Patti, I will create an account for you here, this was necessary due to too many SpamBots.

Linking of the graphics!

Please do not use the links of the graphics for your profiles! Save them on your PC and upload them yourself.

The following Wiki topic could also be interesting: Profile

I have a suggestion or correction on a topic

That's no problem - you can simply click on Discussion in the article and start a discussion on the topic or suggest your addition or improvement.


Of course you must have an account, which you can create for free at KF-Wiki.

Kind regards Patti

P.S: Since there is no forum anymore, please contact me in my Forum in the MoonID Portal or on my Discord server =)

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